Snare Drums

Snare Drums

When I go to concerts, I always enjoy listening to the beat of the drums. Even though the drummer is only stationary while on the stage, you can’t help but notice how they hit the drums. Continue reading


Is It Too Late?


I have been thinking about this lately. I really wanted to be able to play the piano.

Things I kept on asking myself are:

  • Do I have the patience to learn it?
  • Should I teach myself and watch stuff like “piano for dummies“?
  • Am I able to enroll myself in a music school?

I don’t know. Maybe I am just too lazy to do this stuff.

A Frustrated Pianist


Happy Birthday, Do-Re-Mi, and Love of My Life. These are all the songs I was able to play for piano recitals. My mom introduced me to piano lessons when I was five. I was a kid back then, so I had no interest in such activities.

Now that I have grown, and got exposed to different bands in the 90’s, I regret that I didn’t pursue playing the piano. Every time I see a portable piano, I wish I’d be able to play cool music with it. Maybe it’s not too late for me.