Is It Too Late?


I have been thinking about this lately. I really wanted to be able to play the piano.

Things I kept on asking myself are:

  • Do I have the patience to learn it?
  • Should I teach myself and watch stuff like “piano for dummies“?
  • Am I able to enroll myself in a music school?

I don’t know. Maybe I am just too lazy to do this stuff.

A Frustrated Pianist


Happy Birthday, Do-Re-Mi, and Love of My Life. These are all the songs I was able to play for piano recitals. My mom introduced me to piano lessons when I was five. I was a kid back then, so I had no interest in such activities.

Now that I have grown, and got exposed to different bands in the 90’s, I regret that I didn’t pursue playing the piano. Every time I see a portable piano, I wish I’d be able to play cool music with it. Maybe it’s not too late for me.