Painting the Town Blue


I don’t know if I have been ogling Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn for too long; or if it’s just the quarter life crisis kicking in, but I have made another drastic change. Yes, I dyed my hair blue on top and pink underneath. I had it cut short too! Continue reading

How To Take Care of Bleached Hair

You Bleached Your Hair, Now What-

Belonging to the Asian race, I was born and raised with black hair. The schools I’ve went to are also strict when it comes to colored hair. It is only this time of my life that I was able to do some drastic hair changes. Yes, I bleached my hair blonde. Continue reading

My Name is Blonde. James Blonde.

Okay, forget about the cheesy title. Christmas is just a day away and it won’t be long for New Year’s to pass our lives as well.

Like a lot of people say: “New year=New life.” I thought that it would be interesting to change how my hair looks just before year 2016 arrives. No, I’m not changing it in terms of the length. I am changing its color. That’s right folks. I bleached my dark hair into a beaming blonde.

Here is a photo of me with my old hair. Now, compare it with my bleached hair.


I used a bleaching powder mixed with 12% developer. Made sure that the mixture is creamy and not grainy nor fluid. After I applied it, I then left it on my hair for 10 minutes before rinsing. The first wash won’t get you the desired result right away especially if your hair is as dark as mine. I ended up doing 4 repeats of the process just to get the results of the above picture.

I am planning on doing an ombre look using a pink hair dye. I don’t know yet. Maybe I could get you an update soon. I just hope I won’t be lazy to do it.

I think that’s it for now. I hope you’re enjoying your holidays as much as I do. Don’t be afraid to take risks. Even if you fail, it would still teach you a lesson. Merry Christmas!