Bond Travel Gear: An Advantage for Travelers

Bond Travel Gear Title

Travelers, adventurers, and thrill-seekers alike, you might want to check this out.

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For people who love to explore the world, it’s hard to find a travel organizer that is strong enough to endure the rough roads while providing optimum protection to your belongings at the same time. Well, I was sent of these pouches for me to provide my honest feedback.

bond travel gear

How it all began

Chris Elfering founded BOND Travel Gear in order to address the travelers’ need for a reliable kit. After leaving the military, he then pursued traveling around the world. This means that he has witnessed how tough the world can be. He had made this as an inspiration to come up with handy travel pouches that can withstand extreme conditions.

DASH Dopp Kit

Its fabric is made up of 1000D ballistic nylon. It is the same stuff used in military uniforms. This guarantees that the materials used are very tough and damage-resistant. It is water-resistant too!


Aside from the fabric, double-stitched YKK autolock zippers and stress points guarantee security on your stuff inside. You don’t need to worry about any accidental opening of the pouch once you have closed it. To top it all off, every purchased pouch is backed by a lifetime warranty!


With dimensions of 4.7 in (12cm) x 8.9 in (22.5 cm) x 2.8 in (7 cm), it can hold your travel essentials while being portable enough to carry around.


Personally, I’d like to stuff my toiletries and skin care products in this pouch because of the breathable mesh it has. Also, no space is wasted as you can slip your tools through the stretchable loops. I also like how it opens like a book. I can see everything right away in one look. It saves time and hassle looking for your items. Plus, it includes a Carabiner. The next time you wanted to take a swim, you can just hang it in a safe place!

ESCAPADE Small Gear Pouch


Just like the DASH Dopp Kit, it is made of 1000D ballistic nylon. The YKK autolock zippers and stress points are double-stitched. What made it different from the other pouch is that its elastics are silicone-backed (“No slip”), so your items inside won’t be all over the place.


Its dimensions are 7 in (18 cm) x 8.7 in (22 cm) x 1.2 in (3 cm) so it is ideal as your flight “survival kit”. You can store your passport, your phone and its accessories, as well as your plane tickets. And yes, this is also backed by their lifetime guarantee!








☑Lifetime Warranty

DASH Dopp Kit: $44

ESCAPADE Small Gear Pouch: $39

river with bond travel

Because all of you have been lovely, you can purchase the DASH Dopp Kit and the ESCAPADE Small Gear Pouch through their website at a 15% discount. Just use the code STARGAZER15 upon checking out:

You can follow BOND Travel Gear on social media:



I will surely be using them every day because I won’t be worrying that they will get ruined by all the stresses I cast on them. If it happens that they give up, I can pull out the lifetime warranty card! What do you think of that? Comment down below.

50 thoughts on “Bond Travel Gear: An Advantage for Travelers

  1. This is a very nice kit. I especially like how versatile it is. You can use it for gadgets for to hold your cosmetics. I also like the quality.


  2. A good travel gear makes a lot of difference while traveling. These look so good, I am glad they are spacious and the design looks great without taking much space. I need to check these.


  3. That is the most organized way I’ve seen yet for holding all the electric cords! I’m always in a disarray with all my cords everywhere…because there’s the kids’ cords as well! 😉 Thanks for sharing this!


  4. It so important to stay organized when traveling, weather it be a long trip or a short, it helps things run so much smoother. Added bonus that these packs are small so it won’t take up so much space .


  5. first of all, im like you: I invest my time and money on skin care. lol! love that! and helloooo?!?!? this bag is a must for every traveller, just makes life easier! i travel heaps and i can easily this pouch will organize me! 🙂


  6. I love the gear organising pouch, that is something that I would surely use during my trips. I always have my cables and charges all around my bag and sometimes I need to dig deep inside to find them. This would be a great way of saving time and have all the gear in one place.


  7. This Bond travel gear looks very handy because of its size and organized. Perfect bag for essentials. I really want one for my travel things.


  8. The bags look very durable! I also spotted some Asian beauty products! Innisfree sunscreen and The face shop bb cream! What the name of that Naruko product in that photo?


  9. This is the first time I’ve heard of the brand. I think I’ll need gadgets pouch. I love how there are plenty of pockets to store stuff inside the pouch, specifically the part where you can insert a pen.


  10. This seems to be a real good product after seeing and reading your review. What intrigued me is about its durable and water-resistant qualities. It makes it very convenient for traveling. However, for a crafty person like me, this could also be good for my materials and journals since it’s water-resistant!


  11. I know how important a kit as good as this is! Especially for travelers like us,who mostly wander on treks. I have one from a different brand but that’s not water resistant. Very good product at this price 👍🏼


  12. Both pouches look great.i like bags with double stitch because it makes it sturdy. I like that you’re toiletries set has a mesh making it breathable. We hace the same hand cream btw. 😁


  13. Perfect indeed for hikes and other such outdoors activities! I like the minimalist look and ruggedness. This would be a good pair to the tactical bag my guy gave me should I need extra-tough pouches for my doodads. 🙂


  14. The gear organising pouch is so well made. Definitely suits all kinds of travels. It prevents the messing of all cable. Such great products evolve after real experience in life and this product is a proof of that.


  15. Wow! As I am someone who likes to travel every once and a while, these will be very handy! I also struggle with being organized with my things when I do travel, so these will help me a lot. Thank you for sharing ❤


  16. I love the sleek design of the bags. I also love the material used and how compact it can be. Love the color and honestly, i can’t see anything that would make me not love the bag. I agree, perfect for toiletries. So nice as well they finally, there’s a bag for our gadgets and cables.


  17. I love the sleek design of the bags. I also love the material used and how compact it can be. Love the color and honestly, i can’t see anything that would make me not love the bag. I agree, perfect for toiletries. So nice as well they finally, there’s a bag for our gadgets and cables.


  18. These two Bond beauties are just perfect! They are not only beautiful, but they are also very very practical and made of quality material. I don’t know which of the two I would choose rather. Just like you, I would use them both for toiletries and cables and gadgets. I just love them!!


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