Buda Vista Vacation House

Buda Vista Vacation House cover

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Have you ever thought of escaping the busy city life and taking refuge in a house close to nature? You know, where trees are abundant, birds are chirping, the sound of the gushing river is music to the ears. Well, this place might be for you.

buda vista

Buda Vista Vacation House

Back view of the house


Buda Vista Vacation House is located along BUDA (Bukidnon-Davao) Road in the southern part of the Philippines. To get there, you can rent a van with friends and drive along the Bukidnon-Davao road. You could also go to the Davao City Overland Transport Terminal and ride the bus bound for Cagayan for 90 PHP or 2 USD. The trip runs for approximately 3 hours.

Facilities and Amenities

It stands as a 3-storey vacation house. The house is mainly made of wood complemented with huge glasses which completes its modern architecture with a touch of country feel.  The owners haven’t used the house for a while so they have it rented to travelers. They have caretakers that welcome guests and make sure that their needs are being attended to. A parking area is also available. It looks like 3 cars can fit in it.

At first, it just looks like it is made up of 2 floors. Because it is located on a slope, you’ll find another floor when you go around.

Upon entering the front porch, you’ll be greeted with a beautiful living area. It has a huge sofa set adjacent to the mini balcony, overlooking beautiful mountains, and another sofa set made of wood, facing the TV. They have cable, so don’t worry about missing your shows! On this floor, you can also find separate rooms for toilet and shower. A small room for sleeping can be found here as well.

living roomDSCF2276

Upstairs is the attic. It is being divided by curtains in two – one for a sleeping quarter and another one for an oriental-themed coffee area. Huge windows were installed, so you can view the lovely scene outside. You can also get a good view of the neighboring resort which is also beautiful.


The ground floor is composed of the entertainment and dining areas. They have a pool table and karaoke. Outside, you can find a dirty kitchen where you can grill your favorite steak. Another set of toilet and shower room with heater can be accessed in this area. They also have a microwave and microwave-friendly utensils.

pool table


There is also a viewing deck where you can hang out with friends while looking at the beautiful nature around you.



If you go down further, you’ll find their infinity pool surrounded with beautiful plants.


The house is also adorned with beautiful ornaments.



Pack up a nice sweater to keep you warm. Mountains can be very cold.

Bring insect repellents. Nature has uninvited guests.


Buda Vista Vacation House

Davao-Bukidnon Rd, Marilog District, Davao City

+63 932 537 7194

6,000 PHP or 120 USD/night

Add 200 PHP or 4 USD for Karaoke (optional)

Max number of people: 15

I’d like to hear about your latest trip as well. Comment them down below.

I’d like to thank my friend, April and her family for inviting me to join them in their trip.

28 thoughts on “Buda Vista Vacation House

  1. I like the beautiful rustic furniture inside the vacation house. The location is also fantastic, in the middle of the forest. Love the floor to ceiling windows, that’s what my ideal house has. 🙂


  2. This is such a perfect vacation house for the traveler. The peaceful and pleasant ambiance of this place is so fulfilling. Such a beautiful scenery.


  3. Beautiful place for people seeking tranquility. All over the country, there are countless places to go to. That is if one wants to be one with nature. Buda, on the other hand, seems like a place for people wanting to be away from the bustles of urban life. It looks like a good place to contemplate and recharge. Right?


  4. To be honest, I thought this was somewhere in Laguna or Tagaytay. Then I saw that this was in Bukidnon-Davao area, I got sad. It was so far from where I am right now. But, I saw the idea of saving up for it so when we travel to Mindanao, we can book that place and stay there. It’s very relaxing because of the greenery. Anyone who’s super stressed can find peace there.


  5. This is one beautiful place. Or stunning might be a more appropriate description. I love the trees that surround the place and the choice of furniture and even the decorations. Love the idea too that it can be isolated being in the middle of a forest. This can be a real dream vacation house.


  6. Ooh, what a cozy place! Love the look of glass and wood around the house, then fresh nature outside. Looks just about perfect for relaxing getaways, whether of the romantic or family/friends type. The weather must be like Tagaytay or Baguio, yes?


  7. Such a cute little place amidst jungles. It touches your heart somewhere. My dream vacations is set in places like this. I love the interiors very much, done so tastefully.


  8. wow… our country has so many scenic places to offer! This is my real ideal vacation.. it feels so far from the reality and you will get the chance to embrace the nature completely.. especially those glass walls .. wow.. i can imagine hearing those birds and crickets at night… the view from the outside is nothing more but magnificent… there’s no word can define such paradise!
    This made me eager to visit the southern part of our country even more


  9. It’s great to take a break and be surrounded with nature. I myself love this kind of stay. The place was also cool with all the rustic theme on it. However, being a mom, I don’t think it is practical for me to stay in a 6k place in one night. Though I must admit that the price equates to the amenities and the place itself.


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