Spooky Science

Summer Essentials (2)

It’s that time of the year again folks. It’s when everyone gets into their costumes and ask people for candy. Otherwise, they’ll do naughty tricks. That’s right. It’s Halloween!

To celebrate, NCCC Mall held an event for the kids called “Spooky Science”. They had booths for scientific experiments so that kids can have fun and learn at the same time. Games were organized for parents and children. Trick or treat was carried out within the mall. A group of mascots provided kids with entertainment.


NCCC Geese

And of course, a costume contest transpired.

I was chosen as one of the judges for the said contest. I had a lot of fun watching kids put on very creative and spooky costumes. Some were very in character as they went on stage.


In every contest, there will be a winner. We deliberated, and ended up hailing the nurse from Silent Hill as the winner.


Those who participated will not end up with nothing for they will be given consolation prizes. Good job everyone and congratulations!

How’s your Halloween guys? What did you do? Please share them by commenting below. 🙂

26 thoughts on “Spooky Science

  1. When I see events like this I wish I was a child too. Getting back those years… is a dream now. Such a fun event and you getting to judge it sounds interesting. Lovely pictures.


  2. The nurse from Silent Hill is indeed a winner. She knows how to properly project. Ihihi. Our Halloween was spent eating with my mom and two boys. Husband and our three grown up boys went to the province and had a vacation.


  3. What fabulous costumes! I bet it was so hard to decide on a winner! This year we were able to trick or treat for the first time in years after living abroad for a long time, it was great! 🙂


  4. This looks like such a fun event to attend! We didn’t really have any locations to do something like this although my kids did enjoy going out trick or treating!


  5. I am sure it must have been judging the competition since it looks so interesting. This remembered me of the fancy dress competition I used to attend in my school.


  6. My Halloween tradition is to carve a scary Jack-o-Lantern and place it on my front door. This year, I started to take my kids to trick or treating as they are a bit older now and likes to go around to get candies.


  7. The costume that won is definitely pretty spooky! But I can spot some other great ones as well in your photos. Overall, it sounds like it was a great event, for both adults and children. I was in Italy this Halloween and this holiday is not big there. I didn’t do anything. 🙂


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