Review: Kinzd Women’s Large Makeup Bag (Get 30% off)

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I was sent of this makeup bag to give my honest and unbiased feedback about it.

DSCF1898 2

About the bag

I was free to select the color to have. I chose the black one, but it also comes in red, dark blue and brown. The material is made of 100D Oxford Nylon, and it is the softest nylon bag my hand has ever touched. It is also lightweight.


It measures 12.99”x7.48”x3.94”, and it is big enough to accommodate a lot of your makeup, toiletries and even gadgets! Again, it’s very roomy, people!


All of these inside, but there’s still room for more!

Inside, you’ll find small compartments and a zipped up one too. It will be convenient if you’re going to use it as a purse. You could bring your money and jewelry with you.



Basing from the materials, and how the bag is sewn, I could really say that it is of high quality. The bag arrived with the zippers protected with plastic to avoid scratches.


The feature that I love most is that it is waterproof. I poured water on the bag and the water just slipped away. Every girl doesn’t want to end up with wet cosmetics. Cleaning it is also very easy, given that eye shadows and powder could end up on the bag’s surface.


I don’t have a problem paying $16.99 for the bag if this is what I am getting for my money’s worth. 


☑High Quality




Price: $ 16.99

Rating: 5/5

I can’t even find cons for this product.

If you’re interested, you can purchase the bag using the code KINZD30 to get 30% off! You can buy it here.

You can also follow Kinzd via social media and check out their other products:



I am excited to go on my next trip, now that I have a good bag to store my makeup with when traveling. I used to put them inside a toolbox when I travel. ^^’

What about you? How do you manage to store your toiletries when you travel? Let me know by commenting below.


18 thoughts on “Review: Kinzd Women’s Large Makeup Bag (Get 30% off)

  1. This bag looks so big you can fit in so many products! Which is all we want of course! I am glad to read you’re so happy with your product!


  2. This bag looks premium quality because of the zipper alone. I also usually judge a bag on the zipper style. Love that it’s waterproof as well. The compartments are nice for those who bring lots of makeup and toiletries.


  3. This makeup bag looks awesome! I like how it’s waterproof, which is handy just in case any liquid makeup leaks in the bag. It also looks like it could hold most of my makeup comfortably

    Sondra xx


  4. I love a good makeup bag, and this look like a great size that holds a respectable amount of products! The ease in cleaning is another great feature!


  5. Looks like a very useful bag with the small compartments, especially a zipped up one. I always look for an easy cleaning, waterproof surface first whenever I need a make up bag.


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