10 Summer Essentials For Great Looking Skin

Summer Essentials

When you talk about summer, one of the things that immediately pops out of your mind is the sun. Yes, that ball of fire up there. Not only that the heat it produces is making us dehydrated, it also ruins our makeup. Imagine yourself all dolled up, then you make a few steps away from your house, and you ended up looking like you have slept with your makeup on. Beat that summer heat by making sure you have one of these!Before I proceed, let me just say that it’s been a while since I posted a beauty-related content here. My laptop just underwent reformatting which wiped out all my files, including my travel photos that are supposed to be put up on my blog. So here I am, writing this. I guess it’s a bit refreshing for me too. But enough with the chitchat, here are my summer essentials:

#1 Sunscreens



If I have to say it again, then I will: Sunscreen is a must-have in your bag. Applying sunscreen protects your skin from burning and aging. You should apply it even if it’s not summer. Invest on those broad spectrum ones with higher SPF and PA. Make sure that you’re not only applying sunscreen on your face, but throughout your body as well. Use those that are oil-free and won’t create a white cast. Your skin will surely thank you.

#2 Cooling Mists


You don’t want to leave your face losing moisture. Dehydration promotes skin dullness. With a few spritz, your skin will be revitalized and refreshed. Maintain that glow!

#3  Oil Control Makeup



Excess oil is a no-no on your face! Control them with make up. Matte foundations can help you through the day. You can also make use of oil control powder to seal your make up with. Flaunt that summer glow with oil-free bronzers!

#4 Lip Balms 


This season, screen those smiles with SPF infused lip balms! Lip balms also prevent that cakey feel on your lips. Choose those with vitamin E for restoring damaged lips.

#5 Cleansers


The happiest time your skin feels is when you get rid of all the makeup, dirt and oil accumulated all throughout the day. Removing foreign stuff from your face helps unclogged pores that will result to breakouts. Using makeup remover and wipes alone isn’t enough. Wash your face!

#6 Eye Creams


Opt for those with sun protecting elements. Repairing ones are good too. Eye creams are very helpful since the skin around the eyes are very sensitive and tend to age quicker than any other parts of the body.

#7 Sunglasses


Accessorize with polarized specs. They protect your eye from those nasty glares and harmful UV rays too.

#8 Umbrella/Hats


I don’t know about you, but in our country a lot of people are bringing umbrellas with them. We don’t only protect ourselves from the rain with it, but also from harmful sun rays. Hats are a good option too for fashionistas.

#9 Waterproof Makeup


For our look to last long, we must use products that are good against sweat. Use waterproof eyeliners, mascaras, lip tints.

#10 Moisturizers


Keep your skin supple with moisturizers. These products help your skin from losing hydration. They help maintain your skin’s natural softness. They prevent burning too!

There you have it. You have just read my list of things to have this summer. I am also interested of what you have. Please feel free to share them below.


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