10 Summer Essentials For Great Looking Skin

Summer Essentials

When you talk about summer, one of the things that immediately pops out of your mind is the sun. Yes, that ball of fire up there. Not only that the heat it produces is making us dehydrated, it also ruins our makeup. Imagine yourself all dolled up, then you make a few steps away from your house, and you ended up looking like you have slept with your makeup on. Beat that summer heat by making sure you have one of these!Before I proceed, let me just say that it’s been a while since I posted a beauty-related content here. My laptop just underwent reformatting which wiped out all my files, including my travel photos that are supposed to be put up on my blog. So here I am, writing this. I guess it’s a bit refreshing for me too. But enough with the chitchat, here are my summer essentials:

#1 Sunscreens



If I have to say it again, then I will: Sunscreen is a must-have in your bag. Applying sunscreen protects your skin from burning and aging. You should apply it even if it’s not summer. Invest on those broad spectrum ones with higher SPF and PA. Make sure that you’re not only applying sunscreen on your face, but throughout your body as well. Use those that are oil-free and won’t create a white cast. Your skin will surely thank you.

#2 Cooling Mists


You don’t want to leave your face losing moisture. Dehydration promotes skin dullness. With a few spritz, your skin will be revitalized and refreshed. Maintain that glow!

#3  Oil Control Makeup



Excess oil is a no-no on your face! Control them with make up. Matte foundations can help you through the day. You can also make use of oil control powder to seal your make up with. Flaunt that summer glow with oil-free bronzers!

#4 Lip Balms 


This season, screen those smiles with SPF infused lip balms! Lip balms also prevent that cakey feel on your lips. Choose those with vitamin E for restoring damaged lips.

#5 Cleansers


The happiest time your skin feels is when you get rid of all the makeup, dirt and oil accumulated all throughout the day. Removing foreign stuff from your face helps unclogged pores that will result to breakouts. Using makeup remover and wipes alone isn’t enough. Wash your face!

#6 Eye Creams


Opt for those with sun protecting elements. Repairing ones are good too. Eye creams are very helpful since the skin around the eyes are very sensitive and tend to age quicker than any other parts of the body.

#7 Sunglasses


Accessorize with polarized specs. They protect your eye from those nasty glares and harmful UV rays too.

#8 Umbrella/Hats


I don’t know about you, but in our country a lot of people are bringing umbrellas with them. We don’t only protect ourselves from the rain with it, but also from harmful sun rays. Hats are a good option too for fashionistas.

#9 Waterproof Makeup


For our look to last long, we must use products that are good against sweat. Use waterproof eyeliners, mascaras, lip tints.

#10 Moisturizers


Keep your skin supple with moisturizers. These products help your skin from losing hydration. They help maintain your skin’s natural softness. They prevent burning too!

There you have it. You have just read my list of things to have this summer. I am also interested of what you have. Please feel free to share them below.



49 thoughts on “10 Summer Essentials For Great Looking Skin

  1. This is great list and a perfect post for this summer. I’m really not into sunscreen especially If I’m on the beach and swim in its clear water. This is not a good practice and not good for marine species. I only apply sunscreen when I climb mountains. Anyway, some of these essentials are really a big help during this summer. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.


  2. Sunscreen lotion, moisturizer, lip balm, sun glasses and a very wide brim hat are my must-haves on this sweltering weather. The temperature can really dries our skin up and aged. And the body needs a lot of hydrating, too, from all the sweating. Good to know more of what the skin needs to combat summer heat.


  3. Yes to this list. I also recommend getting eco-friendly brands. For the sunscreen I use HHN. 🙂 It has ingredients that are safe to sea animals and corals. There are other brands available in other stores such as Healthy Options, but I found this one to be gentlest.


  4. Sunglasses are soooo important, you’re right!

    I love aloe vera gel because it really helps relax the skin after sunbathing and even soothes sun burns.


  5. Wow, so we have waterproof makeup also. I personally prefer drinking lots of water for hydration. We have very high temperatures in North India, sometimes, they go up to 45 degrees celsius. Eyeglasses are also important because they protect eyes. For me as a travel writer, eye-glasses are a must.


  6. Great list! It really is a must to take care of our skin, especially with the hot and humid weather in full swing. Although I do not use most of the items you’ve listed, I am particularly interested in that eye cream and sunscreen. I wonder what brand is that one featured in your photo. Also, what eye cream brand do you recommend? I think my peepers are in dire need of this!


  7. I’m pretty new to cooling mists, but boy I wish I’d got on the train earlier, they’re amazing!! I literally always have on with me now! I agree with the SPF too, even if it’s a little overcast here, I always put my SPF on, it’s so important!


  8. This is a great list. Especially like the cooling mist. I pale so I need sunglasses, hat and sunscreen for sure. If I’m swimming at the beach they have special sunscreen for that, so you don’t hurt marine life. 🙂


  9. Sunscreen is a must have for me in any season but I always (always!!) forget about lip balm. I also carry around hand sanitizers or wipes all the time.


  10. You make an important point here, taking care of our skin must be a priority in the summer time. I must say all the products you presented here should not miss from every woman’s beauty products bag.


  11. I never leave the house without sunscreen these days. But what always annoys me is the oily skin I have afterwards, so I’ll gladly check out that oil control powder you mentioned 🙂


  12. Sunscreen is an absolute must! I’ve never tried a cooling most but sounds like a great thing to have. I’ll be checking into getting some.


  13. This is such a useful tips. I would love to try out Cooling Mists and Oil Control Make up since I have very oily skin. I am not a sunscreen person but I think it’s time to apply it more religiously. Thanks for sharing.


  14. Sunscreen is an essential item for everyone in summer. I have darker skin and in the past I didn’t use to put sunscreen on but recently I have noticed that I easily get burned if I don’t and I always use it. Sunscreen also prevents skin cancer, which is very dangerous and can kill you. It’s so easy to apply sunscreen, I don’t know why people refuse to do it and sunbathe without it.


  15. I am so pathetic about these skin care stuffs. I found this post very helpful.With lots of travel these skin care creams should definitely help. I will watch out for this brand in the shelves here.


  16. Omg! Thank you for all of these! I really need that moisturizer. My skin gets so dry easily because of my face medicine, that would really help. Saved this for future reference too, thanks!


  17. I add a light weight base and a thin primer as well,before the make-up 🙂
    Very aptly mentioned all the products. I have recently started using all natural skin care products. Ayurvedic to be specific, and they are working wonders for me. Summer essentials it is… Life isn’t so simple anymore with the scorching sun am looking at us!


  18. A few of this I would never consider to carry in my bag before reading the post. But after reading it, I actually realized why I need them. My skin is so sensitive and I get sunburned literally on the first sunny day, so suncream is something I have to carry around ever since the early spring, that can often have several really hot days. Thank you for the post!


  19. Yes! Just like you sunscreen is always on top of my list. It’s a must not only this summer but almost every single day. I always make sure I got one for the face and body. I’m not so familiar with cooling mists but I think I should get one. Booking this post for future reference 🙂


  20. absolutely helpful tips! It’s funny that in my case, I tend to forget everything when I travel… I used to prepare them all a night before leaving but I will just realize that I forget to put them in my travel bag when I’m already at my destination… that’s why I always get sunburn hehe
    thanks for sharing these travel tips!


  21. I agree on most of item in your list. I think we all need that cooling mist. The weather today is so hot. I got some bottles of micellar water and gave them to a friend. She told me they are real heaven sent. Helpful to clean her face especially if shes too tired to go to the Bathroom and wash her face.


  22. I agree with the stuff you posted here, especially the moisturizer! Just a coupla weeks ago, after swimming we were in a rush to go home that I skipped using moisturizer. A few minutes into the drive, I just had to stop the car on the roadside and slather some on since my face felt so hot, tight and dry. Lol. Lesson learned, this humid summer heat really does suck up moisture from the skin!


  23. the cooling mist sounds very interesting. these are all very helpful tips! sunscreen for me is HUGE must. I apply it on every day regardless of the weather. Thanks for sharing this.


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