Everyone is Going Gaga Over This Guitar

Are you into Blues? Well, this guitar is meant to be played for blues music. It is also designed by blues artist, B.B. King himself. It’s called Epiphone B.B. King Lucille Electric Guitar.

This is a beautiful guitar, in my opinion. It has a smooth, flawless finish that you can actually see yourself’s reflection. Aside from aesthetics, it also produces high quality stereo sound. You’ll never regret buying this guitar!

I have found bb king lucille at Guitar Center. You can check it out too!

17 thoughts on “Everyone is Going Gaga Over This Guitar

  1. I remember i once been gaga over guitar and wanna be a guitarist someday. But I thinks it isn’t really my calling to do it but i love playing, as in literally playing it, strum to the max and hear more relaxing tune .. yeah like blues and acoustics sounds… life is so great with music! ❤



  2. This guitar is actually beautiful.Anyone who loves music will sure love this one.I love to listen to music,but I don’t have much knowledge on instruments.So,this post is really interesting for me to learn some details of this guitar!
    And I like the way you introduce this guitar for the readers.Really interesting write up!


  3. Awesome! I’ve been wanting to learn the guitar for soooo long now. My brother actually bought a acoustic guitar to teach himself. He’s doing pretty well! I, on the other hand have trouble with the pressing of the cords, hurts! Hahaha.


  4. I’m a percussionist understand the value of these instruments. well written article. Need to pick up a guitar now 🙂


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