Urban Sound Concert Series: Reese Lansangan

Reese Lansangan

Okay, so Davao City turned 80 this week. In line with the Araw ng Davao (Davao Day) celebration, SM Lanang Premier (a local mall), held a 3 day concert series. It featured Filipino artists Miles Experience, Gab Alipe of Urbandub, and Reese Lansangan. The event was called “Urban Sound Concert Series”. Unfortunately, I missed the first two performances, but I certainly witnessed the set of Reese Lansangan.

Before anything else, I know I said last week that I am going to continue with the second installment of my tour in the National Museum of the Philippines. Well, I thought that it could wait because I am more excited to talk about Reese!

Who is Reese Lansangan?


Aside from being a singer-songwriter, Reese is also a visual artist. She is probably one of the most accomplished millennials that I have met. We are of the same age, but she has done way more stuffs  stuff than me: performed at music festivals, designed clothes, published a book, and the list goes on. “Home”, the first love song that she wrote, is a wedding song for Vic Sotto and Pauleen Luna (Filipino celebrities). And oh, do you know that she also loves space? Hello, stargazer here!

How did I find her?

It’s not like she’s lost or something. I mean, being an indie artist, her name doesn’t always ring a bell with people. I first heard of her through my boyfriend. He was able to watch her perform during a ‎Jensen and The Flips gig. He loved her voice. I’ve looked her up and stumbled on her blog. Through it, I can definitely say that she is a very talented person. Then I saw an ad that she’s performing in the city where I am living. I sent my friend her Spotify link right away. I told that friend to listen to Reese’s songs because I am taking her to the show this Friday.



This kid is trying climb over the railing! 😮 hahaha

Let me just say that she has a very beautiful voice, hands down. It has a soothing tone which is being accompanied with the sound of her acoustic guitar. I feel like she has mastered triggering ASMR, but that’s another topic to talk about. I also like it whenever she makes side comments during a song performance. I remember that there was this kid who tried to climb up the railing and got reprimanded by a grown up. She also made a joke about it and cracked people up. It gives off a sense of engagement with the audience. There was also a time that she paused a song because her guitar was off-key. She tweaked her instrument. When everything seems fixed, she resumed singing. I don’t know if she did it intentionally, but it was an effective way of adding a cute touch to her performance.

I also love the crowd because we are so cooperative (Yes,”we” because I was also there :p ).

Reese Lansangan PerformanceReese Lansangan

Meeting Reese

Reese Lansangan Queue

The queue of people.

After the show, we found ourselves falling in line to buy some merch. My friend got a sticker and a pin-back button. I bought the “Arigato, Internet!” album, and a supposedly limited edition metal badge with stickers. Once we got the merchandise, we went to Reese to have them signed. Unfortunately, her writings just ended up blotting the glossy CD case. 😦

Arigato InternetArigato, InternetReese Merch

I must say that Reese is very friendly. She even chats with her fans while doing autographs. She was even nice enough to let me film her doing a shout out to my boyfriend.

Reese, if you’re reading this, ありがとう! 🙂


We looked so tight here. We even wore color-coordinated shirts. LOL

When we got home, my friend sent me a text message and thanked me for tagging her along. She said that she has now someone new to look up to.

My friend with Reese.

Don’t forget to check her out! I am sure you’ll love her music too! I personally love the song “St. Petersburg”, but I recommend that you should listen to either “Home” or “Exploration No.5”.

Reese Lansangan

E-mail: reeslansangan@gmail.com

Instagram: reeseypeasy

Twitter: reeseypeasy

Facebook: reeselansangan

Website: reeselansangan.com

Youtube: reeselansangan

Soundcloud: reeselansangan

How about you guys out there? What do you call your city’s birthday? What do you usually do to celebrate it? Let me know by commenting below!


P.S. I wish I can show you a clip of her performance, but my blog doesn’t support it yet. I don’t have a Youtube account as well. If you want, you can still check her out on the list of social media I provided above. Thanks for understanding. 🙂

44 thoughts on “Urban Sound Concert Series: Reese Lansangan

  1. wow!That’s great that you could meet her.What a great way to celebrate the city’s birthday!You are lucky that you could finally watch the concert with Reese Lansangan.That’s good when a singer has talents for both vocal and stage performances.


  2. I’m listening to St. Petersburg while commenting here… I’ve found another love!!! Reese deserves our support!!! Thank you for sharing!!! She has a great voice and guitar talent!!!!


  3. You’re lucky!! Well, I’ve known her because of her Grammar Nazi song. Then after a while, I haven’t been listening to her. Then when I heard that the mv is coming out, I went and looked her up again. I learned about the album and searched it on Spotify. And it’s such a chill album! ❤


  4. She loves space? I think she and I will get along well. 🙂 It’s nice to know that Reese is very friendly, and that she even chats with her fans. It’s sweet of her to even let you film her. I hope she will always stay grounded. You mentioned that she has a beautiful voice. I hope her voice reaches more ears and that more people know about her talent.


  5. I love these artists who are modest and ordinary. That’s exactly what makes them unique and special. It seems to me that Reese is one of them. She looks so calm, and one can see she is enjoying her time on stage. And what I like most about her is that she is so successful in many fields. I wish her many successful years in her career.


  6. Always good to support an up and coming artist. I wish you posted a video clip of her performance that day so we can get an idea how she sounds like. The way you describe her singing sounds intriguing. – Fred


    • Hey Fred! I wish I can post a video of her too! Unfortunately, my blog doesn’t support that yet. I need more money! hahaha If you want, you can also look her up on Youtube, Spotify or anywhere else I mentioned above. 🙂 She is amazing!


  7. I don’t need much convincing. I will check her out and her music. I am more into the Indie scenes than mainstream actually so she definitely has a place in my life haha… It’s so nice of you to promote a talent like her, I hope I get to see her perform live someday.


  8. Oh my goodness! I’m listening to her landslide cover on SoundCloud and I can’t even stand it! What an amazing voice! I love finding new artists… thank you for sharing her work!


  9. Looks like a nice event and awesome meet up with a very talented artist. Indie has been doing the waves now. Reese looks cool, just like how you introduce it here. Hope you clip a video of her performance.


  10. Oh my goodness, what an incredible opportunity. Looks like a nice event and like you had an amazing time, with a very talented artist.


  11. Her CD case is gorgeous! I will def have to check her out. I am half Filipino and my mom and I love discovering new music together so thank you for the suggestion 🙂


  12. I love discovering new artists! Particularly indie ones, they’re often much more unique than the more mainstream singers or bands. Looks like a fantastic event that you attended 🙂


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