Music As A Career


Entering the world of music might sound exciting for some, but it actually takes a lot of patience, dedication, time and money to become successful. In other words, the music industry is not a joke. Another thing to consider is where to buy your musical instruments. Would you rather go to the mall, or buy instruments online at Good luck if you would like to venture into professional music.



3 thoughts on “Music As A Career

  1. Entering the world of music can be hard to break in for some. As for the instruments, I’m still a bit skeptical when buying them online, but it would be nice if the seller would make the prerogative to entice customers to ditch the mall and buy online instead. 🙂

    PS: This is only a suggestion, but it would be nice to expound more on this subject. Would love to read more about it 🙂


  2. Entering a new world or a new job is both a scary and happy thing to do. One side will surely be happy but also, it will mean starting from scratch. Unlike the ones who are born into influential families, spreading the word may be easier for some bit. For instruments, I’d still prefer buying them personally. I’d like to test out the instruments before purchasing. It could disappoint me somehow.


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