Morning Skin Care Routine


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Flawless is otherwise known as the “perfect skin”. In order to achieve and maintain this, people invest a lot money to have that unblemished skin. In the beauty industry worth billions, skin care takes the leading net worth. Taking care of the skin takes patience and dedication. It never stops. You need to pay attention to even the tiniest details.

I have already shared my skin care regimen for night time. This time, make way for my day version. As usual, if I have all the time in the world, I would patiently do the Korean-inspired skin care steps. If I am in a hurry, I would just shorten it to cleansing, toning, and sun screen.

  • Cleanse


When taking a bath, use a foaming cleanser to wash the face. For the rest of the body, I am using a shower gel. Cleansing gets rid of excess oil, dirt and dead skin cells. It facilitates skin cell regeneration.

  • Tone


Toners balance your skin’s natural pH. It also helps minimize pores. Another benefit is they supply nutrients to our skin. I usually avoid toners that have alcohol content.

  • Pre-essence


With prefix which means before, it is understood that it is applied before essence. The purpose of pre-essence is to speed up skin cell renewal. It also claims to enhance the absorption of the products that you will apply later on.

  • Nourish

To feed the skin, I use moisturizers, serums and essences. Just remember to apply the one that has the thinnest consistency first. My personal favorite would be sheet masks. I use those that have anti-aging and brightening properties.

  • Eye care

The skin around the eyes is the part where most of us take for granted. This part is very thin, very sensitive and is prone to aging. If you don’t want to look older than your age, take care of this spot!

  • Sunscreen


This is a must-have in your skin care arsenal. Harmful sun rays can penetrate through the clouds and even through the glass. This means, even if you’re inside a building, you are still susceptible to UV rays. Using sunscreens can really help protect you from the rays. You better not leave home without one. And oh, UV rays cause aging!


That’s it for me. How about you? Please share your morning rituals below. It doesn’t have to be beauty related. Thank you! 🙂


63 thoughts on “Morning Skin Care Routine

  1. I’m really bad when it comes to skin routines. When I have new products, I try them out a few weeks and then I get lazy to continue. These products look effective and I hope to try them (and make them my habit, too.) – Claire Algarme


  2. I have been always been using the natural stuffs. Like I use soaked oatmeal. These tubes are easy to use but I dread the after effects. However your review encourages me to try these products. 🙂


  3. Wow! Now that I think about it, my skin care routine for my face is super simple. I just wash my face. And then I use cc cream which also serves as my sunscreen. Anyway, your routine will surely help someone out there especially the infographic you made.


  4. I have a very simple skin care routine especially on my face in the morning. However, at night before before bedtime, that is the time when i do a lot of ceremonies on my face and body. Hahaha! I just find it time consuming in the morning esp. if you’re on the rish. What i do apply is the sunscreen and my bb cream for a quick fix then a little lipstick and im good to go!


  5. I like that you broke down the different versions of uv rays and sunscreen! As I get older, I’m trying to pay more attention to my skin and how the sun affects it. I make sure to put on sunscreen everyday and the more information I can get about ways to protect my skin the better!


  6. What a neat post and some great tips in here. I am a huge fan of peel off masks myself, I like these one use sachets, as that is very hygienic.About the suncare graphic, very well done and spot on. I used to manage a tanning center in the 90s when people didn’t care about skin cancer and other damages these UV rays cause. We had to get a diploma and learn all about it before we could get employed. The skin doesn’t forget your sins!


  7. You do have quite a ritual. I don’t really have that many beauty products. I keep it all basic, day cream, night cream, BB cream, sunscreen, and toner. That’s all I have, but I am getting old and I know that I should be more careful with my skin now than ever before. I want to try Olay Regenerist. I have been looking at it for quite some time now but I never got around to buying it.


  8. Great skin care routine, just reminded me that I need to use eye creams every day. It’s the part that I’ve been skipping lately and I know it’s so so important! Gonna see more wrinkles around my eyes if I don’t fix my routine sooner :).
    Thanks for sharing!


  9. I don’t really do much when it comes to my skin. Just plain – clean + tone. From time to time, I put moisturizer but not always. You do have good skin in your pictures! So I might as well follow your routine. =) Would love to read your Korean-inspired routine as well! Tag me once you have it! I’d be so glad to read it coz I admire Korean skin so much!


  10. I wish you could also share a morning and night facial routine that does not use so many different products. My personal routine is just plain soap and water, and it seems to work fine for me. 🙂


  11. Nice skin care routine! I take good care of my skin as well hehe. But if ever I’m feeling lazy or if I’m running late I always always make sure I have sunscreen on my face. My number 1 staple! At the moment I’m looking for a good eye cream for day and night, haven’t found the perfect one yet!


  12. I would also add water and a lot of exercise. These two things refresh the skin no end. Do you think fruits and vegetable help too? They contain anti-oxidants that help skin renewal and retard aging. Like the content of your post, the colour too is light, wow.


  13. I used to have really bad acne and have struggled to find that perfect skin regime for most of my life. I have tried so many products, medications, cremes, etc. After all of that, I found that the fewer the products, the better my skin is. Honestly now I use only water, witch hazel, and baking soda (once in a while) on my skin. That’s not to say that people should necessarily try that, but everyone is a little different. There is no one-size-fits all solution. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi! If you have an acne prone skin, using lesser products is a good call. Pimples can also be caused by irritation of the skin brought about by applying a lot of product at once. From what you have mentioned, the basic steps are still present in your regimen-cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize. Witch hazel helps minimize pores, and baking soda has anti-bacterial properties. Both are really good products in clearing up your skin from breakouts.

      I usually exfoliate before I sleep, so I skip that step in the morning (when I am in a hurry)

      You might be interested in taking a peek in my night time regimen:


  14. Thanks for sharing the infor. When I was in my school days i always skipped sunblock because back then the sunblock that i have are sticky and oily unlike now we got so many good texture sunblock and effective ones also.


  15. I’m very lucky that I was born into a good gene pool for skin. At 50 I hesitate to do much more than gentle cleansers because I have not had many breakouts and NO wrinkles. If anything sunblock and moisturizer are my number one recommendations.


  16. Thanks for your post! My morning ritual isn’t too much really… the older I get the less make up I wear.. takes less time! But smoothies are a part of my morning ritual! Banana ice cream is one of my favs and I look forward to it everyday!


  17. I always like seeing posts like this because as a busy single mom, I’m lucky if I have time to wash my face properly and put on some chapstick most days. But when I can squeeze in extra me time, I’m always looking for new products to try and love!


  18. I love your beauty formula. I, myself, am a fan of eye creams and sunscreens (things that other people tend to neglect. I was not blessed with a perfect skin so I always make sure I follow my daily routine to maintain a relatively good complexion.


  19. It’s important to have a good skin care routine especially since the weather can be harsh. I make sure that I wash my face every morning and every time I come home from work. Aside from that, a good moisturizer can do wonders!


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