Vlogging With a Digital Recorder


I’ve been meaning to engage into vlogging. However, I don’t have the proper gear yet to formally launch one. I’m contemplating if having a video camera is enough, or do I have to buy other supporting gadgets? I have watched a lot of vlogs on Youtube, and one thing that I appreciate is excellent sound quality. I then thought if they are only using their cameras alone, or are they also using digital sound recorders? I am thinking of getting a sony pcm-d50. I don’t know. What do you think?



21 thoughts on “Vlogging With a Digital Recorder

  1. I think it’s very important to have a method of sound recording to up the quality of your videos. Just a camera isn’t enough nowadays. :O


  2. I’m not sure as I haven’t vlogged seriously in the past. I think it depends on what kind of vlogs you want to do. Are you doing some day in the life kind of vlogs or more like reviews and tutorials? I think to start, you can just use your digital camera and just add your voice or music while you’re editing. Also, you want your gear to be portable so you can bring it anywhere with you. I think a mic is only necessary if you want to sing because then, the voice quality matters. 🙂


  3. Sound quality is essential for vlogs, as well as a bubbly engaging personality. Me, I get tongue tied when I talk in front of a camera. I will just stick to writing. Hehe.


  4. I am saving to buy a good video equipment to open a YouTube channel, and I think the most important thing apart of having a good camera, is having a good sound system. A well-mounted video with bad audio is not a symbol of quality.


  5. Vlogging needs a high degree of skills, don’t you think so. However, I have also read that iPhones now double up as excellent video cameras. The other major piquant problem is that of editing the videos. I hope to master this art this year.


  6. Vlogging is fun, honestly. I have tried doing videos but I only use my phone and D90. With the sound recorder, I think you might consider doing a trial without it, then try using a mic and if that won’t work for you, maybe that’s the time that you need a recorder already. Just remember that the recorder is compatible with you camera and other gadgets 🙂


  7. I like the idea of vlogging, but Im too shy to start with one. Just the idea of making fun on cam. I do think you need to gear up a little on creating a vlog, so viewers will enjoy it more.


  8. Your thoughts are exactly mine, too. I haven’t done vlogging much. I’ve tried once and the audio is not clear but I’m really not more on voice recording that time. When I watched other outdoorsy vlog, I’m really amazed how clear the video and audio are. They must have using mic, I guess.


  9. Congratulations on that decision, I vlog but I don’t have much followers yet, as of the moment I’m using my phone, because it’s the gear that I have right now, I used it on all my tutorials and vlogs the Sony Xperia one. The audio is quite good, but I just added a volume when I edit it on editing software


  10. I haven’t considered vlogging because introvert problems..lol! Although the back end part is also tedious for me that don’t have enough background when it comes to video editing. Good to know that you’re trying mew things though. I agree with the vlogging thing where havinga good quality is a thumbs up. 🙂


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