Gift Idea: Ukulele Strings


I know strings are weird for a gift idea, but as someone who has a musician in the family, I definitely would love to support the craft. My sister already has a lot of musical instruments up her sleeves-keyboard, flute, violin and ukulele. Instead of buying her another instrument (which would cost me a lot), why not buy stuff for their maintenance? 

Almost 2 years ago, I bought my sister violin strings for her 18th birthday.


Please don’t think of it as a cover up. lol

This year, I am planning to buy her some aquila strings for her ukulele. What do you guys think? You know what they say, “It’s the thought that counts”.


15 thoughts on “Gift Idea: Ukulele Strings

  1. Wow, your sister must be so happy to have these Ukelele strings. Yes, you’re truly right with your idea of buying it as a gift for her and that serves as a maintenance for her Ukulele. Your family must be really cool since you guys are mostly Into music. This is such a great gift idea.


  2. That’s a great idea! That way she doesn’t have to worry about her strings breaking, it’ll take a worry off of her mind. My sister actually got me a guitar!! I love it even though I should practice more.


  3. I think it’s actually a really thoughtful gift because it’s something that compliments her passion. It’s better than getting her either nothing at all, or say something that she has no interest in! I wish I had a sister like you! 😉


  4. As a musician myself, I think it’s incredibly thoughtful to express your support through giving them gifts they really need, and not just give for the sake of. 🙂 I was gifted a Ukelele last year, and someone else bought me a new set of strings. Really sweet people, and you’re sweet for doing this to your sister!


  5. It’s a great idea! I’m not a musician, but if you are, I assume this is a nice gift. How did you came up with writing this article? Lovely little one and so inspiring and unique! Have a good weekend!


  6. Have you already bought one? I want tp buy a ukelele too. i heard there is a good shop in Cubao Expo so i might go there someday. They also offer tutorial which is part of the payment for the instrument. so it’s ukelele + tutorial. as far as i know. you are a sweet sister! </


  7. I think if your sister plays consistently, then she would need new strings sooner or later. So, I think that is a great idea. Because that is her passion, anything related to the instrument she uses do make good gift ideas. Great thing you do not have to consider drumsticks, because if you did, then it must be noisy at times in the house. 🙂


  8. If your sister is really into music and plays the instrument quite often, then the strings will be a a perfect gift idea for her. I guess if your giving someone something close to what they love doing, then that would be totally appreciated. I love to see sisters supporting each other, I have 2 younger sisters and it’s nice to pick gifts for them especially if you totally know what they like.


  9. I am not sure but we shared the same sentiments. I would consider string instruments as a gift idea and I think it’s awesome. I just don’t know how does it sound for others. Anyhow, yes, for maintenance purposes, not bad after all. 🙂


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