StargazerGives: Anniversary Giveaway! [CLOSED]


This is not a sponsored post.

Giveaway ends in December 18, 2016

This is an international Giveaway. Anyone can join!

Hey frennies!

When I logged into my blog, I noticed this notification right away:


I can’t believe my blog is already a year old. Time does fly so fast. To celebrate, I have decided to do a giveaway for my lovely readers! ❤

Anniversary Giveaway Mechanics

Okay, to win the giveaway, there are 2 ways:

Facebook Entry

  1. On my giveaway blog post (comment box below), leave a comment with 2 sentences on why you should win the giveaway.
  2.  Fill in your correct details because it’s what I will be using to contact the winners.
  3. On the “Website” box, enter your Facebook URL (e.g. Make sure that everything is entered correctly. Don’t worry, I will not spam you with emails.Here is an example:
  4. Like my Facebook page: My Facebook page
  5. Share this blog post on your Facebook Timeline. Make sure to set it in public so I can view it. Include the hashtags #StargazerGives #Giveaway

Instagram Entry

  1. On my giveaway blog post (comment box below), leave a comment with 2 sentences on why you should win the giveaway.
  2. Fill in your correct details because it’s what I will be using to contact the winners.
  3. On the “Website” box, enter your Instagram URL (e.g. Make sure that everything is entered correctly. Don’t worry, I will not spam you with emails.Here is an example:
  4. Follow me on Instagram: My Instagram
  5. Repost my giveaway picture and tag 2 of your friends. Include hashtags #StargazerGives #Giveaway.

I will pick the winners basing on how convincing they are on why they should win my giveaway.

There will be 2 winners. Once you enter, you will have the chance to win these sets of prizes:


First Prize

1. Y.E.T – Don’t worry Mask Sheet in Oil Control

This product’s main ingredient is lemon extract. It claims to control sebum and removes excess waste from the skin.

2. Calmia Cleansing Tissue – Oatmeal Therapy

It helps remove a day’s worth of dirt buildup on the face. It can even remove waterproof and thick makeup. It is pumped up with natural ingredients such as oatmeal, aloe and mung beans to promote gentle cleansing.

3. Luxie Beauty – Rose Gold Large Angled Face Brush 504

This brush is perfect for your contouring. Its angled cut suits any contours of your face. Use any contouring makeup such as bronzer, blush, illuminator and highlighter. It is also cruelty-free and its soft synthetic bristles are good for those with sensitive skin.

4. Urban Decay Eyeshadow – Lounge

A beautiful shade of brick read with green shift, you can wear this for your everyday look. Shade shifting means it tends to change shades, depending on the lighting. It glides perfectly and lasts all day.

5. City Color – Eyeshadow Trio

Good for travelling, this eye shadow palette can be brought anywhere. Each shades complement each other, so you can use this if you want to give your lids some definition. Its also limited edition!

6. ColourPop – Creme Gel liner in Swerve

With a creamy formula, this liner glides very smoothly. Be careful though, since it’s very creamy, don’t get a lot of product out. You will cause it to break!

7. Trust Fund Beauty – That Glo Tho

This is a cruelty-free product. Best used on the high points of your face. It lasts all day. Highlight your best assets and let others watch you glow!

8. Cosmoholic – Liquid Lipstick in Mysterious Mocha

Both a lip gloss and lipstick, it’s enriched with vitamins and hydrating ingredients. It won’t leave your skin dry and chalky. This is good to use if you want to pull a nude lip.

9. NYX – Vivid Brights Liner in Gun Metal

With a pretty shade of silver, this is a must-have for rave parties! It has a smudge-proof formula, so it will definitely outlast you.

10. Smashbox – Photo Finish Foundation Primer

One of the best makeup primers on the market. It gives skin a velvet feel, concealing wrinkles and pores. It is indeed one of the best products to apply before makeup. It also helps makeup last longer.


Second Prize

1. Y.E.T – Don’t worry Mask Sheet in Nutrition

This product’s main ingredients are cacao and papaya fruit extracts. It claims to exfoliate the old surface of the skin, giving way to a brighter, younger skin while maintaining moisture.

2. INSPR – Eye Shadow in Carnival

You can go for a natural look with this eye shadow. With a crease-resistanct formula, this product lasts for a whole day.

3. Witch’s Pouch – Selfie Perfect Eyebrow in Light Brown

It features an oval shaped tip to avoid irritating your skin. It is waterproof and doesn’t smudge. Perfect for a good selfie!

4. trèStiQue – Mini Shadow Crayon in Marimoto Pink Pearl

Don’t be fooled by its looks. It has a cap, but it looks like the product itself! If you want to look sweet, then this shade is what you’re looking for. You can also build the product up for vibrancy of the color. Don’t worry, it also glides smoothly and doesn’t crease.

5. jelly pong pong – Liquid Gossamer

Want to look ethereal without compromising your skin? This highlighter will help you achieve that look! It is water-based and doesn’t contain any oil ingredients, so it will leave your skin moisturized. Use the product on the high points of your face and blend it well. It is hypo-allergenic and non-comedogenic.

6. Jesse’s Girl – Eye shadow Primer

To have a good painting, you need to have a good canvas. This product leaves your lids a silky finish. This will help you apply your eye shadows easily, without creasing.

7. HIKARI – Eyeliner in Storm

This is a mechanical eyeliner. It’s perfect for slaying that smokey eye since you can smudge it. You can also use it to give your eyes some definition. Its color is a slate grey with some shimmer, so this is good for night makeup.

8. Comme Comme – Tin Case in Pink

This is a perfect container for your short brushes and other cosmetics. You can also use this as a pencil case.

Terms and Conditions

By entering this giveaway, you agree to the following:

  1. Eligibility: Everyone can join.
  2. Entries that fail to follow the mechanics will be voided.
  3. Winner selection will be done by me.
  4. All shares must be in public for me to see. Private accounts will be disqualified.
  5. Giveaway duration: November 27, 2016 to December 18, 2016 (12 midnight, Philippines Time)
  6. Once giveaway period is over, it will take 48-72 hours for me to deliberate and pick the winner.
  7. An email will be sent to the winners and they should respond within 48 hours. Failure to respond means prize forfeiture.
  8. There will only be one set of prizes per person to be given. Prizes are non-transferable to a substitute person, nor convertible to cash.
  9. Prizes will be shipped from the Philippines. All taxes, fees and surcharges will be responsibility of the winners.
  10. I will not be liable for incorrect information provided by the winners, even if they are human or technical error.
  11. All items will be shipped in good condition. I will not be liable if the items came in damaged due to misuse or carrier handling.
  12. All terms and conditions are subject to change.

What are you waiting for? Enter my giveaway now!


93 thoughts on “StargazerGives: Anniversary Giveaway! [CLOSED]

  1. Oh, you are celebrating your blog anniversary? Happy Anniversary! It’s my first time to visit your blog. I am amazed on your giveaway, very girly. Hihi! I am guy, though and I would love to join on yoir contest too.

    I should win this because I am not a woman who uses cosmetics. I would give it to my mom as Christmas Gift. LOL


  2. Wow, I’m glad that you have reached the important milestone in the blogosphere world. I also appreciate you for giving giveaways to your reader. Happy anniversary and may you continue to blog and inspire more people. I would love to join, but I’ll give way to those that are more interested. God bless on your journey!


    • Oh, this I want to try though I don’t know which anniversary should I celebrate related to my blog. Should it be the birth of the blog or the birth of my online diary? Haha. I also wish good luck to all those who joined! 😀


  3. Your anniversary giveaway is fantastic, I can see some really nice pressies over there. I am a fan of Urban Decay and the fact that you have chose to include one of their products in your giveaway is fantastic! Happy anniversary! 🙂


  4. This is really an amazing giveaway! I really hope i could win because i’m actually kinda new to makeup and i don’t have much. So, this would really help me out a lot. Thanks for doing this for us!
    Good luck to everyone!


  5. Let me do this again.
    Firstly your giveaway is amazing! i really hope i could win because i’m quite new to makeup and don’t have much. So this would be a major help to me. Thanks so much for doing this! And good luck to everyone!


  6. I’d really really like to win this giveaway, just because it would realllllly help me very much on this my initiation to makeup!
    Where i’m from, the good kind of makeup is hard to get ya know.
    Thanks so much for doing this!


  7. This is amazing giveaway. I am a makeup junkie and can spend hours of time amongst the products. Urban decay is one of my favourites. The prizes kept are pretty awesome. Happy anniversary 🙂


  8. Wow, time flies so fast indeed! Happy first anniversary to you and your blog! I would really like to win your giveaway prizes as I love makeup so much, ever since I was young. I came across your blog few weeks ago and I like how you meticulously review all the products featured in your blog in a direct, concise, detailed and honest manner.

    Now it excites me that I will have this chance to receive any of the products, that you use or have reviewed, that are featured in your Anniversary Giveaway!

    Please continue what you are doing as I enjoy reading your blog and I highly believe your product reviews. You dont have fancy talk, just legit commentaries, which I really like. Again, continue doing your lovely blog, happy anniversary. More years to come 😉😇😘


  9. Happy Blog Anniversary! I wish you more blogging years to come! This is an awesome giveaway. I love makeups though I don’t have the budget to buy anymore. Being a single mom to three kids is kinda taking its toll on my budget these days. Hahaha… 😀

    My blog turned 9 years old last month. I didn’t have a giveaway but had a local seminar on how to earn from home for moms.


  10. Bummed that I didn’t get to participate in this. Looks like an awesome giveaway. Congratulation on your first blog year, the time *does* fly away fast. I hope that this blogging journey brings you all that you could hope for. Lots of love xx


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