Ilocosighting (2nd Day Continued)



From “beautiful nature” to “beautiful structures”, Ilocos has a lot to offer. I have already shared with you our experience in the Cape Bojeador Lighthouse and Kapurpurawan Rock Formation. This time, I’ll write about more must-see places as we advance on the 2nd day of our Ilocos tour.

Bangui Wind Farm

Our next stop was the Bangui Wind Farm. The farm is composed of 20 windmills that produce electricity. All of them were lined up beautifully, facing the West Philippines Sea.


JpegPatapat Viaduct

We stopped when we were on the Patapat Viaduct. In case you didn’t know, this is the 4th longest bridge in the Philippines. During our stop, we were able to take a look at the beautiful waters of the Pasaleng Bay.


Lunch time!

JpegBlue Lagoon

Living up to its name, Blue Lagoon offers crystal blue waters for tourists to dive in. Fine white sand also added up to its beauty. Some say that its location used to be a secret. Today, it’s one of the tourist spots in Ilocos.

Bantay Abot Cave

This thing is not really a cave, but a hill with a peculiar hole through it. What makes it interesting for me is its location-a hill surrounded with rocks and water.

Pagudpud Welcome Arch


Well, that’s it for now. Next up will be the 3rd day of our excursion. Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

Have you seen a windmill before? How about a bridge noted for its characteristic? Let me know by leaving a comment below! 


56 thoughts on “Ilocosighting (2nd Day Continued)

  1. One place that I love to visit is Ilocos. Not just because it is the place of my great, great grandparents(mother side), but also to explore the best tourists spots they have, like the, Sinking Bell Tower, Lapaz Sand Dunes, Malacanang of the North, Juan Luna Shrine and many more.


  2. We have been to Ilocos Norte as a family. My parents and my brother’s family went along with us. We really had a lot of fun visiting the beautiful places there like Bangui and Pagudpud. And the food is great! Hope we can visit again in the future. – Fred


  3. I have yet to go to Ilocos. My Howe wouldn’t go with me ( for now ) because it’s a long drive, but I told him that we could always get on a plane. Diba? I hope I can go summer of 2017 – I’ve been wanting to go to see the wind mills! Nice photos, by the way.


  4. I really hope I’d be able to go to Ilocos Norte one of these days. I haven’t been to the windmills yet. The water looks so refreshing, indeed. -Claire Algarme


  5. You guys should have dropped by in Kaibigan Falls, it’s located before Pagudpud I guess. Ilocos has been my favorite Province for they bear not just rich in tourist destination, but they also have good food. I’m glad that you guys have enjoyed this trip. Pagudpud is one of the places I like in Ilocos.



  6. I love the color of your hat. Glad to see that you posted a pic of a restaurant. Is it far from Bangui Wind Farm? It can be tiring to have an adventure and then you can barely find a ‘sari-sari’ store or a ‘karinderia’ nearby.


  7. Ilocos will always be a great place to visit. We went there last 2015 – with my colleagues and with my mom. It was unforgettable because it was the first time I travel with my mom. We enjoyed the sceneries a lot — the dramatic meeting of the land and the sea. We also had a taste of their sinanglaw. The only problem was the scourging heat. Thanks God that my mom was still strong that time to go with me.


  8. I love the post and the photos you featured, especially the one showing the 4th longest bridge in the Philippines. I am all for sea so anytime the ocean can be seen, I am sure to appreciate. Great trip you took and I will wait for your next post. I have been to Ilocos a few times, with the last being tens of years ago. Glad to see the infrastructure developed like it is today.


  9. We’ve been to Pagudpud last year and the memories are still fresh! The views are really breathtaking especially the ones in patapat viaduct and the windmills! I super love the rock formations where windmills are also around. Ilocos is such an enchanting place and i wanna go back!


  10. AH! I envy people on trips right now, haha. It’s been so long since I went on a vacation! Your images speak of how great you found the place, with your smiling faces and nicely-framed shots. I haven’t been to Ilocos but I’ve got friends who have, and you echo their sentiments. Ilocos seems really nice.


  11. Ilocos looks inviting. I love the windmills and the vast open spaces they are situated in. I found them romantic and intriguing as they keep rotating with the wind. The blue lagoon too looks lovely, though I would definitely have preferred it with lesser people around 🙂


  12. We have also been to all the places mentioned here. My favorite would have to be the Bangui Windmills. They’re an awesome sight! I never thought before that the windmills are actually gigantic.


  13. So what other beach can you recommend aside from the beach that you went to? I dont like crowdes beach coz I love taking scenic photos.


  14. Blue Lagoon resembles our beaches here in Laiya San Juan in Batangas. 😀
    I hope I’ll be able to go there and try surfing in the sand. 😀 That must be exciting 😀



  15. An Ilocos trip is at the top of my bucket list. We have been meaning to go there for a few years now but our plans unfortunately do not push through. I am hoping we can go there in the next summer. I would really love to see the windmills of Bangui and my little one is dreaming of seeing a lighthouse upclose! 🙂


  16. I have been to these places and wow, reading these brings back the awesome memories. I don’t know why but I admired the viaduct than the windmills, it just made me feel positively different. Anyways great travel blog! Hoping for more to come :))


  17. The whole barkada has been planning on when to visit Ilocos. It’s just so saddening that we need to make time for that trip to happen. Up to now, we only ended up planning.Oh goodness,how I wish to be able to come in those beautiful places of Ilocos. I am sure that it would be one perfect place to unwind indeed!


  18. We’ve been to Ilocos before but we’ve visited the farthest we’ve been was up to Pagudpud only. And it was just a glimpse. We took too long in Bangui Windmills and it was already nighttime. Since our butt cheeks were already sore from the long ride, we just stayed at the hotel. Hopefully, we get to return here next time.


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