A Frustrated Pianist


Happy Birthday, Do-Re-Mi, and Love of My Life. These are all the songs I was able to play for piano recitals. My mom introduced me to piano lessons when I was five. I was a kid back then, so I had no interest in such activities.

Now that I have grown, and got exposed to different bands in the 90’s, I regret that I didn’t pursue playing the piano. Every time I see a portable piano, I wish I’d be able to play cool music with it. Maybe it’s not too late for me.

11 thoughts on “A Frustrated Pianist

  1. I’m a frustrated pianist too. i learned how to play the piano when I was young for several years. I could still read notes up to now and play up to a certain extent, but I’m not good. I think it’s not late yet so long as we’re willing to devote time and hard work to really play the piano.


  2. I can totally relate. I started playing the piano when I was nine, and played pretty much until I was 18. I stopped lessons after finishing high school, and then would play for church in the band as a keyboardist up until I got married. Just keep going for it! I find learning an instrument quite satisfying, even if you don’t end up making a job out of it. The important thing is to love it and be passionate about it, THEN you will be able to give it your best. Good luck!


  3. I’ve studied how to play piano when I was about 4 or 5 years old but never really progressed from the basic note reading. I played organ in elementary and high school and stopped abruptly in college. Until now, I have not played a piano or an organ but I think I can still read notes. I find piano music relaxing and soothing.


  4. I think you still have all the time to study how to play the piano. I learned how to play it when I was a kid. It had been my hobby. But when I started high school, I couldn’t find time to play it. And now, I think that I already forgot some lessons that I got in playing the piano because of lack of practice.


  5. I know this pianist who also had this problem. She pursued a different line of work but still plays the piano once in a while. She was the one who taught me that playing the piano isn’t just about producing music; it’s also about disciplining yourself and learning how to focus better. The music can also give you some sort of peace whenever there’s too much negativity in her life.


  6. Hope you don’t think it’s too late! I also wanted to try playing the piano during third grade. That means nine years old. I already thought it was too late then. But of course, it’s relative. I think if you have the commitment, nothing is ever too late 🙂


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