Taishozan Japanese Restaurant


Hello! It’s been quite some time since I last blogged about something. My hands got tied up for some reason, but now I am back. 😀

Me and my friend, April had a dinner in a Japanese restaurant called Taishozan.


I like the ambiance of the restaurant. They put umbrellas and faux Sakuras (Cherry Blossoms) up their ceiling to give a Japanese feel. Staff are also wearing improvised kimonos.



We ordered the following:

tavocado shake

Avocado fruit shake. I think smoothies had already become my staple when dining out. It’s the first one I look for in the menu.

Menchi katsu

Menchi-Katsu. Tonkatsu is one of my favorite Japanese dishes.

ebi ika kakiage

Ebi Ika Kakiage. A mixed tempura with shrimp, squid and Baguio beans combined.


Buta Ramen. The soup is sticky due to the broth used.


Aside from the mentioned dishes, we also ordered two bowls of rice. The food is really good, but nothing stood out. The dishes are also heavy (or maybe because of the avocado shake). I became full right away and I didn’t even finish my bowl of rice. The price is also cheaper compared to other Japanese restaurants I’ve been to.

The staff were also courteous, accommodating and nice. What I didn’t like is the fact that our food took more than an hour to be served. Other customers became upset because they were already hungry and food wasn’t given out. It’s a good thing April had a lot of stories to tell and we lost track of time.


How about you? What restaurant have you been to lately? Did you like your stay? Please comment down below.


24 thoughts on “Taishozan Japanese Restaurant

  1. So it’s in Davao ey. Maybe I can go here, I plan on visiting Davao this September and I could probably tell my friends to go to this place. Looks so mysteriously interesting :))


  2. I was just with my friends last night in a Japanese restaurant in Maginhawa. Food were fine though there’s no cherry blossom-display in the place. We should check Taishozan next time as Ramen is perfect for the rainy season! 🙂


  3. I like it that the wait staff wear their kimono, but looks like service is not too good as food took a while to come. We have great choices of Japanese food in Singapore. My favourite restaurant is Sushi Tei and favourite food is fried salmon head. Food is great but be prepared to wait long if you visit in the weekends.


  4. Japanese food is something I have learned to love and appreciate. husband and firstborn love Japanese food. On our visit to Davao, there was this Japanese restaurant Where we had our dinner and the serving and staff were great. Forgot the name of the diner as I am so bad with remembering things.


  5. Sushi, ramen, tempura, all Japanese stuff! But tonkatsu is my fave Japanese food. I wonder what it tastes like when served with avocado shake. Looks delish! 🙂


  6. I am a big fan of Japanese food. The picture of this restaurant are cool. The place looks inviting. The food too, very tasty!


  7. I’ve always wanted to try Japanese food but I never had the chance to do so. What a pity that it took more than an hour to serve 😦 The restaurant looks lovely but it seems a but cramped.


  8. I’ve been there in April this year and I can tell that food is really good and there is plenty of food on dishes. I became full right away and I didn’t even finish my bowl of rice. The price is cheaper compared to other Japanese restaurants I’ve been to.
    The staff were also courteous, only what I didn’t like is the fact that my food took more than an minutes to be served.


  9. I have been to a Japanese resto once but it is just a typical resto environment with minimal Japanese approach to it.. this one however is seemingly a dedicated one which is way too better.. because it feels like you are also embracing their interesting culture!
    too bad this is in Davao and it is way way way too far from my place hehe.. hopefully I could find the same set up here in Manila or better yet in Cavite


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