Cliff Diving in Canibad, Samal


I know each of us has our own fears. May it be fear of roaches, fear of heights or even fear of the unknown. At some point, we never know that we fear something not unless we see them standing right before us. This is what I came to realize when I was standing at the edge of a cliff, getting ready to dive into the blue waters surrounding it.

Before the jumping part, let me tell you first how we got there. The cliff is located in Canibad, Island Garden City of Samal, Philippines.

From Davao City, you need to be ferried to the Samal Barge Wharf by going through the Sasa Barge Wharf. The fare is only 0.21 cents.

Sasa Wharf


View from the barge

We rented a multicab through a friend for $4.25 per individual. The price would already take us to the resort and back to the wharf the following day. You can also ride one of the motorcycles that are waiting for passengers near the wharf, but I don’t think it’s a good idea if you’re carrying a lot of stuff. They charge you with $3.18 per individual.

Warning, the road is very steep and curvy. Drivers need to be extra careful.

We chose to stay in Madyaw Beach Resort with entrance fee of $1.06. The rooms are $38.00 while huts are for $25.55. We decided to just set up tents that we brought near the shore the plots cost $2.12 per tent. We also rented a table for $4.25 which will be used for dining and lounging.


The table and the gang


When tents grew legs


Setting up of tents

The Beach


The view is really stunning. With clear blue waters paired with white sand, what more could you ask for?

It was low tide when we arrived so the rocks along the shore are very visible.




Hello Tina!


Hello there, doggie! 🙂


Hi! 🙂

The Cliff 


The cliff


The cliff with humans for height reference. 😉 hihi

The cliff is said to stand around 25 ft, while the water is around 10 ft deep.

Since there was a low tide, we were unable to jump off the cliff. We waited another day to see if the water level rises. We might end up with broken bones if there is not enough water to land on when we dive.

The Next Day


I apologize about the flare. This was taken around 4:44am and I just want to capture those fishing boats. The lights they made looked so beautiful on water and this picture didn’t even give justice to what I saw.


A fishing boat. I like how it leaves a trail as it is sailing.


Half moon 🙂


The strong waves washed a lot of seaweeds ashore.

The Jump


The water level rose!!!

Okay, so the tide had risen and you know what that means folks. Yes, it’s time to go back to the cliff and do that jump!

Here are some snaps I took when I got to the top:

The view is really breathtaking. Everything looks beautiful. But as I went down to the edge and do what we came for, I suddenly froze. I was really excited to jump at first, but I didn’t know I was scared of doing it all along.

cliff 2

Here is a snap of my friend, Kristine jumping. I am that person behind her and thought that I’d be next. Well, not really. After all of the people waiting on that cliff have jumped, and a handful jumped again, it took me like two hours to do that freaking jump. Yes, two cringing hours. 😦 Not to mention, I wasted two memory cards of Jinn and Jam’s action cams trying to film my jump. I was also surprised of my friends’ overwhelming support towards that moment of mine. They kept taking turns on filming because swimming for long hours is obviously tiring (Sorry!).


Here is a snap of me attempting to jump. I was like this for 2 hours. Switching places and trying to see if it’s alright to go. I have also met new friends while staying there. I got to know Bim, Jasper, Kenji, Third and Kebs. They helped me lessen my nervousness by talking about random stuff.

It got to the part where the camera ran out of memory for them to be able to continue filming, so I felt really sad. I was about to go back, but the people behind didn’t allow me. They blocked my way out. A guy behind me (Ian), volunteered to do the filming (Thank you!) and Ban-ban said that he’ll get a copy later. So I finally jumped just to get it over with.

Bombs away!!!

The jump took longer than I expected. I mean, I thought I would hit the water right away.  My thoughts after succeeding? It felt fulfilling, but one thing is for sure: I will not do it again! It didn’t hurt, but it was definitely scary.

How about you? Have you experienced doing something scary that you feel like giving up?

Let me know by leaving comments below. 🙂

P.S. I would like to thank Kristine, Jam, Kie and Ban-ban for taking turns in swimming towards the cliff and tried to film my jump and also for making sure that I don’t die. Thank you Jinn, Joan, Tina, Ty, Jlymor, and the rest of the cheering squad for cheering. LOL And most of all, Thank you Andy and Manlulu for cooking rice for us. Until our next escapade! iPstars is the best! 


68 thoughts on “Cliff Diving in Canibad, Samal

  1. Oh, wow, I always wanted to do that! I think cliff diving is super thrilling and gets your blood pumping. I’d need a bit of peer encouragement to make the jump, but I do hope I get to try this some day 😀


  2. It looks like a lot of fun though. I just might be misjudging the height of that jump based on the photos. It does not look that high in the photo, but on that cliff it may feel so high. 🙂


  3. I remember a friend who did the same thing but from a different place. She did the same thing and it was the unforgettable thing that had happened to her and if you’ll ask her if she’ll give another shot in time, expect a ‘no way’ answer. Why? She almost got drowned after taking that jump. She doesn’t know how to swim! Funny, indeed. But sure this is definitely scary. Haven’t tried doing such but if ever given a chance, I just hope I don’t back out. hahhaa


  4. Looks like a really nice place with the clear waters and the untouched beaches. The dive looks so exciting and fun, I think would want to do that one day too. I really hope I get to try this one day soon.


  5. This adventure does not require a lot of money, but I think not many people would want to do it because of fear. Haha. I would need to pray hard for safety and courage before cliff diving. 🙂


  6. I’ve seen some cliff diving in Siquijor. It looked fun but I’m afraid to try it out. But then, when I went canyoneering in Badian, Cebu, I had to jump some cliffs and short waterfalls as it was the only way to go. I’m glad I was able to accomplish it.


  7. The cliff is not really too high. Besides the jumper will be diving down the water. No problem as long as he knows how to swim. Though I am afraid of height, but I want to dare it. Anyway I do appreciate your gut in jumping out to the water by you have overcome your fear.


  8. This sounds like an interesting activity. Never experience a cliff diving but I know I can do it if only given a chance to visit a place like this. Hopefully next summer. 🙂


  9. This is a nice escape from the city and technology! The view is breathtaking and I love how clear the water is. The jump must have been terrifying but I will totally give it a try, at least once in my life.


  10. O_O I’ll never ever ever jump from a high place unless it was a matter of life or death (and even then, I’d might die from the shock ^^” I have a very strong phobia of heights AND water). You were VERY brave to do that jump no matter the fears! Happy to hear you were okay, too. The place looks so beautiful and I like those prices, too :3

    ~ Luana /


  11. Gosh!!! I’m going to this place when I go back to Samal! We went to another place, don’t get me wrong it’s so relaxing as it’s a very very nice resort, but I would love to do cliff diving!


  12. How fun!!! good for you…I did my first cliff jump in Maui a few months ago – so much fun!!! though I’m still a big chicken!!


  13. That looks like so much fun, but also SO scary too! Glad you did it though. It’s hard to push past your fears. I’ve always been terrified of bees, wasps, hornets, etc. to the point that I wouldn’t go outside. But I’ve pushed past my fear. They still scare me to death! But I don’t let my fear of them control me and hold me back from what I want to do anymore.


  14. That looks so fun but I know I’d be terrified. Looks like you had a great time doing it though so maybe one day I’ll give it a try. Thanks for sharing 🙂


  15. Gutsy! I was going to attempt cliff diving from a similar height once, but absolutely could not go through with it. I’m good at climbing…not so much at the jumping/falling part! Kudos for your sense of adventure, though!


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