My Night Time Skin Care Regimen

skin careFor the lazy busy person, because a lot is going through during the day, he or she sometimes ends up just washing his or her face before heading to sleep. But little do we know, washing alone is not enough. We need to thoroughly remove any dirt buildup acquired throughout the day. We also need to nourish our skin in order to help repair itself overnight. That is why I have to extend my patience in dealing with my face at night.

I am a fan of Korean skin care, but they have a 10 to 17-step process. Since I don’t really have the time to do a very long one, I’ve shortened it. Only enough to address my skin’s concerns.

I am going to share what I usually do to my face before I go to sleep.

  • Removing of makeup
    • If I am too tired to do this, I only use makeup removing wipes. Most of the time, I use oil cleansers. I have an oily skin and I had doubts about applying oil on my face. The first time I did it, my skin didn’t break out and it felt softer. Removing make up is really important because dirt and makeup contain stuff that are harmful to the skin. Not to mention, they also speed up skin aging.
  • Cleansing
    • I prefer using a foaming cleanser to thoroughly remove makeup and dirt residues that weren’t taken care of the makeup remover. But I usually go with what’s available in my arsenal. With the help of my facial massager and its nylon brush head, the job is done faster.
  • Scrubbing
    • To exfoliate and get rid of dead skin.
    • I only do this twice a month, since frequent scrubbing can irritate the skin. It also makes the skin produce more oil because scrubbing tends to dry the skin.
  • Toning
    • Never ever use an alcohol-based toner (astringents). The purpose of toner is to hydrate the skin and to prepare it to receive additional nutrients. It also neutralizes your skin’s pH level. Get a good one that doesn’t contain alcohol. Your skin will definitely thank you.
  • Moisturizing
    • Things I use in this step would vary (serums, emulsions, ampoules, essences, sheet masks,sleeping masks, oils, etc). There are a lot actually, but what you need to remember is that the thicker ones go last. You don’t have to use them all. Just pick those that will address your skin care problems. For me, I choose the ones that are anti-aging and brightening.
    • Personally, sheet masks are my favorites. They tend to force all the ingredients into your skin. I let a sheet stay on my face for 15-20 mins. Every time I wake up, my skin feels softer. I use sheet masks twice a week (I used to do it every night but it’s too expensive).
  • Using of eye products
    • The skin around the eyes is sensitive. Therefore, it needs extra care. To address this, I use eye gels or eye patches. Most of the ones I tried have a cooling effect and made my eyes relax.

When I am dead tired, I always have one of these kept somewhere and it only takes 3 steps:


A friend introduced this to me when she went to South Korea.

How about you? What are your night time rituals? Let me know and comment below.

52 thoughts on “My Night Time Skin Care Regimen

  1. I pretty much use these same steps at night. I usually use coconut oil to remove my eye makeup. It is the best thing I have found to remove waterproof mascara and it helps grow lashes.


  2. I’ve eliminated night rituals in my routine for many years now. I used to do it before but after a week or so, I couldn’t find time to squeeze it in my schedule. Then all my creams will just expire. I’m really bad when it comes to maintaining this. 😦 I just wash my face and that’s it. -Claire Algarme


  3. I don’t usually wear makeup but if I do, I make sure I use makeup remover wipes by Neutrogena. I also cleanse, and moisturize. As I get older I want my skin to stay as young as possible.


  4. Cleaning the face before going to sleep as I have observed from our youngest daughter is her routine. We, the gentlemen, don’t do that. We just only take our sleep at night and then when we get up in the morning, it is the time that we wash our face.


  5. I am really good about washing an moisturizing, but I probably only exfoliate every other day. I actually feel like if I do a super deep cleaning every night then my skin gets more oily?…maybe it’s all in my head. 🙂 I really should use a toner though.


  6. Thank goodness boys only have to wash their face with soap and water and we could already go sleep. These routines are so challenging to do if you are already very sleepy. I would really require a lot of patience to at least remove makeup prior to sleep.


  7. It really helps to have skin care routine, especially at night. I normally just wash my face with a cleanser and apply moisturizer, the same goes for my morning routine. I don’t really wear make-up so those two are enough for me.


  8. Mine is also similar to yours! I sometimes feel like I can’t even get into bed I’m so tired, but I at least make the effort to remove makeup, wash and moisturize! It’s maybe not the best, but I know I’ll regret it first thing in the morning if I don’t!


  9. i do have a few sets of night regime (i alternate between 3 ‘sets’ of products throughout the week) but they’re roughly about the same, revolving around cleanse, tone, moisturise, treat. and 1 set of my night regime products is actually just rose water toner spritz and aloe vera gel. AVG is my holy grail and it really works wonder for my skin when I was battling acne.


  10. Your skin care routine sounds very good! I dont kbow who has time for a 17 step process every night, sometimes I barely have the energy to use a makeup wipe. Really good tips, thank you!


  11. Reading this has been a *real* treat! I love-love-love!! skincare! ^_^

    My routine is:
    Makeup remover (when I’m not too lazy): Innisfree
    Oil based cleanser: Heimish
    Foam based cleanser: sum:37 rose stick.
    Acid Toner: Pixi Tonic
    First Essence: Innisfree Fermented Soybean Essence
    Serum: Hada Labo Gokujyun Hyaluronic Acid Lotion / Benton Snail Bee Essence
    Ampoule: Mizon Snail
    Cream: Cosrx Honey Cream
    Mask if I can be bothered/

    ^_^ I’m looking forward to devouring more of your posts!

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    • Hi there fellow skin care fan! I am a fan of Innisfree too, and had been looking to try out Mizon for the longest time! Hada Labo is quite expensive in my country, but I would be very happy to try it out too! I never thought that there are actually Europeans who love Asian products! ❤ I subscribed to your newsletter. I can't seem to find a button to follow your blog. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  12. I am guilty because I don’t have a night time ritual. I don’t use makeup. I just use a powder for my face. As you mentioned water and soap are not enough. I don’t use anything on my face aside from those. I have a very sensitive skin that is why I have been afraid to try some products for the face.


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