Painting the Town Blue


I don’t know if I have been ogling Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn for too long; or if it’s just the quarter life crisis kicking in, but I have made another drastic change. Yes, I dyed my hair blue on top and pink underneath. I had it cut short too!

If you have been following my blog for some time, I posted stuff regarding my hair:

I bleached my hair.

I did an ombre pink look.

At first, I only intend to dye it pink and blue.  With the help of my not-so-little sister, she applied the dye on my hair. I told her to wear gloves, but she never listened. You can read all her sentiments here.Blue hairI realized that my hair is so dead fried that it would be a hassle for me if I try to revive it. I then had this idea of cutting it short! The boyfie wanted me to wear my hair short anyway, so I had him help me pick out a hair style. We decided to do the bob cut. This time, I went to seek professional help in terms of cutting my hair.JpegBlue hairBlue hairAfter washing my hair once, I noticed that the shade got lighter. How about you? What changes have you done lately? You can share them below the comments section.


P.S. The Blue dress above was bought from Arigatō. The store offers items on pre-order basis. They also have on-hand items that you might want to check out. The owner is a friend so I don’t have problems with opting for pre-order.


42 thoughts on “Painting the Town Blue

  1. I color my hair in blue but partially, flocks only, they fade pretty fast but I love fresh look when I have them. I used to afraid of coloring my hair with bright colors but now I do not care.


  2. Oh my goodness, blue hair looks so cute on you! 😀 You reminded me a little of Rei from the Neon Genesis Evangelion anime like that. Very pretty!

    I’m sorry for your sister, but yes, dye isn’t pleasant without gloves. ^^; I have my mom die my hair when I do, she always wears gloves.

    ~ Luana –


  3. I have wanted blue (teal) hair on my ends forever but I can only do it in the summer. Maybe I’ll try it out. Great job with the color!


  4. I envy you! I cannot dye my hair because of allergies but I’ve always wanted to paint my crowning glory blue or mermaid red 😛 It looks great on you!


  5. I’d say that is adventurous and looks good naman on you, having your hair dyed blue. I have a friend in Canada, and her hair is blue and silver, and I remember how fascinating it looked.


  6. Love your hair!!! And your outfit. 😍😍😍 whats the next color you plan on hair? You could try silver, it’s edgy. Look could definitely pull it off!


  7. I think the bob hair looks good on you, also the color of it. The biggest change that I’ve done recently doesn’t have anything to do with my hair, but it is quite big that it affected so many aspects of my life (clue: not pregnant, not getting married, lol).


    • Hello Shannon! ❤
      Nice to meet you too. Growing up, I really enjoyed FamiCom games: Super Mario, Twin Bee, Bomber Man, etc. Back in high school, I enjoyed FPS games such as Counter Strike.
      I also enjoy Pokemon games via Game Boy. I also played Ragnarok Online since 2004 until it closed last year. 😦 Currently, I am hooked with DoTA 2. I play it every time I get off from work. How about you? What games do you enjoy?

      Liked by 1 person

      • I used to loveee pokemon and I recently got the pokemon for DS, but didn’t really have time to play, then i ended up selling my 3 ds :/ I was also obsessed with animal crossing as a kid and on my 3ds as an adult haha, LOVE sims, currently playing sims 4 get to work…as well as indie adventure games on steam-favorites are gone home and life is strange, which I actually blogged about if you wanna check em out!

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  8. Wow! Not everyone can wear a short hair, let alone wear a blue dyed hair. You’re totally rocking it! I also liked the pink shades underneath and when it became lighter, you hair reminds me of bubblegum colors which I find uniquely cute ❤ I wish I have the freedom to have a hair similar as yours. -Me-An


  9. Ang cute mo with your hands together! haha Never done any coloring on my hair. Scared ako and I’m almost 41! The most that I did was to perm it. I don’t think I can pull off colored hair. And afraid of the damage, too. hehe


  10. I used to dye my hair so that it would bring out the red highlights, but I haven’t done that in many years. I have never dyed my hair any unnatural colors, like pink or blue, although my daughter and granddaughters have. When I was younger, hair colors like these were not available and now I feel like I am too old to participate in such a trend. It is nice to see young people have such fun and freedom with their hair, though.


  11. Your new cut is super cute! I love the colors too 🙂 I’ve always wanted to do a fun color but am a scaredy cat, haha!


  12. I think I more love it when It was longer.. Though, you still look pretty. You’re so brave to have your colored that way. I just can’t maybe it will not compliment to my personality hahaha:)


  13. The shorter hair is better! The longer one looks so cosplay-ish. Hehe. Anyway, I’m a little jealous that you have the freedom to dye your hair. I’ve always wanted to color mine with ash color but workplace won’t permit. Huhu


    • I have the same sentiments back when I was still studying. I have always wanted to dye my hair. Sadly, my school wouldn’t allow us to do it. This time, I am grabbing the freedom to dye it anyway I want!


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