How To Take Care of Bleached Hair

You Bleached Your Hair, Now What-

Belonging to the Asian race, I was born and raised with black hair. The schools I’ve went to are also strict when it comes to colored hair. It is only this time of my life that I was able to do some drastic hair changes. Yes, I bleached my hair blonde.

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I never thought that bleaching my hair would entail tedious work even after it’s done. Not to mention, it involves a lot of money. You have to take care of it so that it won’t end up looking dry and stiff.

Here are some things I do to take care of my hair:

1. Don’t shampoo your hair often

Bleaching lifts up your hair cuticles for the chemicals to penetrate the strands. Having lifted cuticles, it’s easy for the shampoo to penetrate and it will strip the hair’s natural moisture. Use a shower cap to protect your hair from water whenever you shower. If you feel that your hair is getting greasy, you can use dry shampoo instead. Make sure you invest in a good dry shampoo to prevent breakage. I use dry shampoo from the Klorane line.


2. Use Keratin once a week.

Since bleached hair is brittle and tends to dry up, Keratin brings moisture back to your strands. Keratin is a natural protein found in our skin, nails and hair that helps cells resist damage. I use this product from Bremod. This leaves my hair soft and manageable.

3. Avoid using fine-toothed comb


I have mentioned earlier that bleaching lifts up your hair cuticles. Due to this, your hair is prone to tangling with each other. Using a comb with fine teeth would bring more damage to your locks.

4. Avoid heat at all cost

hair blower

This includes blow drying, the use of styling irons, as well as going outside for sunlight.

I keep on emphasizing that bleach can leave your hair dry. As much as possible, avoid styling your hair with heat. Heat makes you lose more hair moisture and would lead to hair breakage.Let your hair dry naturally. Since I am always in a hurry, I tend to use electric fan to dry my hair faster.

Whenever you go out, wear a hat. This should protect your hair from the harmful effects of the sun. If you find hats tacky, you can wear a scarf instead. 😉

5. After showering, use a leave-in conditioner

I am really not a fan of leave-in conditioners. What I am applying on my hair after shower is Bench Fix SOOO POLISHED Shine Wax. This was recommended to me by an office mate. (Shout out to Kendra for this recommendation!). This wax made my hair behave and gave it a lively shine. It also decreased the visibility of frizz as well as split ends.


6. Oils, oils, oils!


Meet my oil collection! 😀

I am a fan of oils for the skin and hair. For the hair, oil is very rewarding. Not only it makes your hair look shinier, it also leaves it soft, moisturized and generally healthy. It is also light and it doesn’t wear your hair down. Because I tend to have an oily skin, I only apply oil before going to sleep. After washing, you can really see the difference. Invest your money in an argan oil. Make sure it’s 100% Moroccan argan oil. Don’t buy one that is mixed with anything else. It means, it’s not 100%. Read labels. Beware of fakes! A lot of them are spreading in the market. Argan oils are expensive. It’s okay, since a drop could go a very long way. Keeping you hair well-hydrated prevents dandruff too!

7. Get a trim!


Trimming your hair doesn’t only remove split ends, it also helps getting rid of those nasty frizz. It hastens hair growth which means more space for healthy hair.

To make the most out of your ombre hair, you can visit TheWigMall.

There you go. I have provided you things that I have been doing to take care of my bleached hair. Do you have recommendations that weren’t in the list? Leave your comment below. ❤




35 thoughts on “How To Take Care of Bleached Hair

    • Aside from being convenient, dry shampoo makes my hair feel lighter compared to a regular shampoo. You can go swimming but I suggest that you’d rather not. Chlorine can easily get into your cuticles and give your newly bleached hair a green stain. If you really need to go swimming, I suggest you take a shower first to minimize chlorine from penetrating your hair. Use a swim cap too. Also, you have to put something that would protect your hair from chlorine. You have to avoid sun exposure as much as possible too.


  1. Great tips! My hair is bleached too. I love hair masks and oils, and I don’t shampoo my hair too often anyway because it, fortunately, doesn’t get greasy very fast. I try to avoid heat, but only going out with a hat/scarf seems a bit too over protective. I actually have an appointment at the hairdresser today to get my roots done and maybe trim it a bit too 🙂


  2. How often would you suggest getting a trim? I have definitely found that zero heat styling for the past 6 weeks has made a huge impact on my hair (it sucks, I know! hair looks so boring but what we gotta do to get healthy hair)


  3. This is truly a great tips. I will surely let my mom read this tips for she’s struggling to fix her hair and can’t find a good hair color. I like how detailed it is and very helpful. The products that you have shared are also top of the line. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I’m sure that my mother will be very happy about it.


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