5 in 1 Beauty Care Massager


I have always wanted to own a Clarisonic device. The only thing that’s getting in the way is the stingy person in me. You see, I always feel that the benefits of the product doesn’t really compensate for the cost. It’s way too expensive for me.

Then, I came across a similar product while window shopping. I didn’t really intend to buy something. But with $7 on the tag, the impulsive person took over.



This is what the front side looks like unopened. It doesn’t give much information and it got me looking for the brand name.


This is the reverse side. Here, it tells you the parts of the brush as well as the must-do’s. If you’re reading them, you can tell that it’s made in China (aside from the label that says so). What I am saying is, everything is not clear.

The tool

It has 3 switches- the speeds high and low, and the off switch. The low speed is used for normal cleansing of the face. The second speed is high which is for exfoliation. It is operated by using 2 AA batteries, which are not included in the purchase. It includes 5 accessories.


These are the attachable pieces. You need to make sure that you hear a clicking sound before turning on the device. Otherwise, they will just fall off. In case you are wondering, the brush heads rotate.


Make up sponge

Before squeezing out some facial wash, I first dampen the sponge with tap water. Amazingly, it produces enough lather to clean my face. It also provides a relaxing massage at the same time.


Latex soft sponge

This is harder than the make up sponge. According to the package, it is used for eye and cheek massage. When I tried this, it also felt good. I just don’t think that frequent use of this is safe. Latex sponges shouldn’t be used for a long time because they hoard bacteria. I think this is also good to be used for applying BB cream and foundation. It gave me a better coverage.



Nylon brush

This what I frequently use for exfoliation. After I use this with my facial wash, it leaves my skin feeling clean. All my white heads cleared out. I don’t recommend this for people with sensitive skin and also those who have acne as well. It will just cause irritation and soreness. For me, this is good to be used with a low setting. If switched to high, it will just leave your face in pain.


Massage sand sheet

I don’t totally understand what the package meant with “accessory to rip tough skin and cutin off“. This just sounded too painful for me. I think this pumice looking thing is used for calluses, as well as for areas around the elbow and knees.


Massage wheel

I love this one. I use this after I apply serum, moisturizer and oils. I also use this after using a mask sheet, . I feel that they are absorbed well with the help of this accessory. I can also feel that my facial blood circulation improved with this.

Overall say

I think the product is worth the cheap price. Just don’t expect much of it because I feel like it can break anytime. So far, it is serving its purpose for me which is cleansing, improving circulation and exfoliation. I also don’t think that the device is waterproof so I don’t recommend to use this in the shower.


  • Cleanses face effectively
  • Exfoliates – also removes black and white heads
  • Accessories spin – I saw similar devices online that just vibrates and don’t really spin at all.
  • Leaves my skin soft and smooth
  • Small size- convenient for traveling


  • Unclear instructions
  • Packaging is not easy to open
  • Can leave your skin sore if not used properly.
  • Doesn’t look well built.
  •  Not waterproof
  • Rotating heads aren’t replaceable. Once they break, you need to repurchase everything

What do you guys think? Please comment below. Thank you for reading.


25 thoughts on “5 in 1 Beauty Care Massager

  1. I’d think that $7 would be worth the contraption and just the nylon exfoliating head. The other heads that you could switch out are just an extra bonus. I don’t have a Clarisonic, but I’ve been eyeing the ProActive brush because they’re running a special that I keep getting mailers about.


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  3. I also have my own beauty care massage and it’s waterproof and it has rotating heads. I bought it from China at only 30 yuan. This one looks great but sadly it won’t function when in contact with water.


  4. Oh, I was also interested in that Clarisonic device but I am stingy, too. I don’t it is available in my country. If I see a similar device like yours, I might try it! -katrina centeno


  5. It’s good to have a beauty routine especially when it comes to skin care. This sounds like an awesome product. I’ve never used anything like it, but it sure would be nice to give it a try.


  6. This is tool is great for urgent beautification use. $7 is not bad on the pocket. However, I still prefer undergoing facial treatments in a clinic under the care of licensed dermatologists.


  7. With the cons you have here, the $7 doesn’t hurt after all. At least you still get sort of advantages from this device compared to purchasing the expensive one.


  8. Looks to be a good priducts but after reading that you said need replacement when you break one piece of the machine. No good


  9. the nylon brush looks painful, to be honest! and for the massage sand sheet head, i believe you can use it for cracked heels? i have a massage with similar fitting to your massage wheel but i didn’t like using it on my face. I guess I have “skinny” face so the massage balls are always hitting onto my cheekbones, which kind of hurts.
    But for the price tag, this product is definitely worth a buy!


  10. I’ve never tried using Clarisonic nor a copy. I’ve been loyal to a brand’s small handheld brush for quite a long time now. I’m not sure if it’s really a necessity but something inside me tells me that I have to take better care of my skin especially my face since age is starting to show quite a bit. The nylon brush in your post looks too harsh to use for the face though.


  11. I just recently purchased one, actually my mom got it for me, and I was hesitant and confused on how to use it. I’m so thankful to you for this post, it certainly cleared so much now I used it and I just love it <3. Thank you a ton 🙂


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